Fitness Sabotage

Ways to Stop Sabotaging your Ideal Fitness Efforts

Einstein once said that “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is lot”.  This is in fact one of the most favorite quotes of Nick Smoot, a strength coach and the owner of Smooth Fitness as this saying relates perfectly to fitness.

Most individuals actually spend more time reading rather than engaging themselves to training. The problem is they lack proper knowledge which accounts for the inability of most individuals to achieve their fitness goals. This scenario depicts lacks of action. Many individuals know how to get bigger, stronger and how to lose unwanted body fat. They just do not act based on their knowledge to obtain real world and lasting progress.

Analysis Paralysis-How This Messes with You

Taking for instance your boyfriend or your girlfriend is coming for dinner and you both prefer and love Italian foods, you therefore decided to prepare Chicken Parmesan, which is a classic culinary. But the problem is, you have never prepared this food before so you hurriedly get your laptop and search chicken parmesan online, particularly in Google.

In just few seconds you are exposed to thousands of recipes and tend to click these recipes one by one. You repeat the process over again until you got about 10 recipes inside your mind. Finally, you now know how to make chicken parmesan but you can no longer decide which way is the perfect way. You find it hard to decide and spend hour agonizing even over the smallest details until you become irritated and your boyfriend or your girlfriend also becomes frustrated because you have not pick a recipe and made dinner. You ended up in arguments until he or she leaves and you ended up ordering Chinese foods.

What Does Analysis Paralysis has to do with your Fitness?

Definitely everything because the Analysis Paralysis is as prevalent in fitness and the same as cooking Chicken Parmesan. Ever recipe provides the same thing which is chicken parmesan dish however, the small difference in every recipe makes illusion that a single recipe may be better than the others. But as a result, nothing really happens.

It’s quite challenging to choose the best recipe so individuals ended up in making recipe based on dumb logic. When talking about fitness, this actually happens most of the time. People tend to go online and search for ways on how to lose unwanted bod fats and they are presented with thousands of nutrition and training approaches that all promise to help people burn fat.

And since individuals are presented with lots of options, they begin to figure out the best option in which they cannot. The best option does not exist and everything works leaving individuals confused and frustrate. They look for more options then give up or either way, they do not act. And since they do not act, they fail to get the desired results.

Act First and Seek Knowledge Next

Having instant access to plenty of information seems great until it is not. Knowledge is power but by just absorbing information and not acting upon, is just some form of procrastination. This is disguised as education but the truth is, this kills people’s progress. The knowledge on how to lose unwanted body is already there, you just need to act on it and keep the ball rolling.